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Acupuncture is the knowledge of movement of Qi, Five Element theory, Taoist philosophy, systemic physiology, symptoms, and point selection. By taking all these things into account we create a diagnosis. The body and all its complicated systems are all meant to be moving, operating, and working together in harmony.


The flow of Qi is what allows for this harmony. There are many different types of Qi. Specifically organ Qi. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), we work with 12 organs of the body and they all have a specific direction that Qi is supposed to move. Without this harmonious flow of organ Qi, the body creates either a stagnation, deficiency or excess situation. Theses situations create heat, cold, pain, other symptoms, and/or disease.


Five Element theory is the philosophy of the relationship between the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Under each element are 2 organs, time of day, season, emotion, color, mineral, etc. The relationship and interaction among these is what is important in diagnosing.


Taoist philosophy is the relationship between Yin and Yang. This is the foundation for all of TCM. Without this knowledge, everything else is meaningless. Yang is up, out, hot, moving, daytime, time, etc. Yin is down, in, cold, stillness, nighttime, space, etc. There are no absolutes when is comes to that is Yang or this is Yin. As with the classic Yin Yang emblem there is Yin within Yang and Yang within Yin. Everything has Yang or Yin elements. Its all about relation between one thing or another. This applies to the 12 organs that we work with a well. The relationship between organs and how they are speaking to each other.


The meridians are essentially a mapping of energetic lay lines of the body. There are 12 lines that begin or end at the fingers and toes and either end or begin at the head or chest area. These 12 lines are associated with the 12 organs that we work with. Point selection is based on what organs are involved and the representation of symptoms.


Acupuncture and Herbs is one of the oldest medicinal modalities in the world. So far, it dates back 3500 years. The reason it has been around for so long is that it is adaptive and takes into account that there are no absolutes. The whole body approach goes along the Taoist philosophy that everything is connected and that the inner is a reflection of outer and vise versa. The environment of the body is no different than that of a national park or rain-forest. Everything works in harmony and is self sustaining. As Acupuncturists we work to treat the root cause of disharmony within the body environment and promote the bodies ability to self heal.

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