Massage therapy is good for relaxation, circulation, reducing stress and dealing with chronic issues. Relaxation as far as being in a space of comfort, smells, sounds and feels. Improves circulation of the heart, lymph and other organs. Moves fluid to prevent stagnation. Massage is stress reducing. Life itself is stressful from sounds to people to interacting with others to environments. Getting massage on a regular basis allows us to adapt to the everyday stresses that we experience. With massage, chronic issues can be addressed and be more tolerable. Accidents and injuries can be addressed with massage therapy. Muscles hold memory and with injuries or accidents the memory of this can be held in the tissues and cause chronic issues. Massage therapy addresses these and releases the trauma and energy of the accident or injury.

The types of massage are as follows...Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports. Swedish is primarily a surface massage with various techniques to improve circulation and relaxation. Sports is for those who are looking for more stretching and/or assistance with sports related issues. Deep tissue works on the deeper muscles and is for those who are looking to pull traumas from various tissues or address previous injuries/traumas associated with the mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects.

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